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Firm DR. Mohammed Almuhanna & Partners Dr. Mohammed Al Muhanna & Partners - Lawyers and Consultants is a leading professional law firm and legal consultancy firm in Saudi Arabia that is managed and operated by qualified and professional legal consultants and attorneys.. Team Lawers and Consultants We are a leading law firm in financial & business industry. With more than 20 years of experience.

Usage of technology

We developed advanced technology and software that enable our clients to create their own account which is accessible on the company's website to follow up on their cases or inquires, in addition to facilitating the provision of integrated legal consultancy required in real time.

Relations Network

A wide range network of local and international connections.

Legal Awareness

Pursuing and contributing positively to the promotion of legal awareness.

About Firm

Dr. Mohammed Al Muhanna & Partners, Lawyers, And Consultants. is well managed and operated by qualified and professional legal consultants and attorneys, providing a state of the art of legal services in line with the well-known legal services standards to meet the requirements of different business sectors, companies and individuals in various fields. The firm usually provides implementable and qualified legal consultancies and advices that can meet the needs of clients in the best possible manner and in accordance with professional standards.

Legal services

Notarization services

We provide quick and responsive notarization services in saudi Arabia, following The Minstry of Justice initiative to keep up with the pace of recent advancements in the field of privatization of its services. The notarization project launched under the name of (Al Mwathiq) was to facilitate procedures for companies and individuals related to the notarization and attestation. Being proactive, Dr. Al Muhanna obtained the license of M.O.J for notarization services which include the attestation of property sale contracts, declarations, movable property, power of attorney and rescinding, lease contracts for properties and movable assets, article of association, contracts related with real estate buying and selling transactions, patency and copyrights registrations, and contracts related to other business matters.

Inheritance, Wills, and Endowments

Providing legal and lawful consultations regarding wills, distributions and enlisting of inherits and sales, and documentation thereunder. Our services also include drafting of endowments, funds, and its documentation at the competent court. -Establishing endowments and extracting endowment funds. -Drafting of the basic endowment document. -Enumeration the authority matrix over the endowment at the administration of Management of the endowment. -Incorporation of endowment establishments or companies.

Trademark registrations and licensing

-Register trademarks, initiating all registration procedures, trademark objections, and representing the trademark owner before the commercial courts for Criminal & Civil Prosecution. -Obtain industrial and investment licenses, etc., as we help the client complete their procedures and the fulfill the requirements of the competent authorities.

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